Twitter and Bitly Plugin for Windows Live Writer 2012

Twitter-IconI’ve been playing around with the new WordPress blog, mostly getting it setup with my favorite blog editor Windows Live Writer.  I’ve used this tool in the past with great success. 

One of the nice things about WLW is that is has a nice plugin model.  One of the plugins that I used to use constantly is the Twitter plugin.  That plugin would post a tweet containing the blog title and a link right after you published the blog post to your site.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find that plugin anywhere on the Internet so I decided to cobble together my own. 

This is version 0.6.0, meaning that it is Beta software and hasn’t been tested extensively.  It works on my machine but I don’t guarantee that it will work on yours.  My development philosophy is “Make it work”, “Make it work right”, “Make it work well”.  This is definitely in the “Make it work” phase.  I need to add more error handling on the various web calls.pufferfishIconWriter

If you want to take a copy and use it/test it out for me I’d be grateful.  I’ve created a static page on my blog for the plugin so feel free to go there, download the plugin, and leave any feedback in the comments for that post (or here).

Here’s the page address: