Visual Studio 2010–New and little-know features–Table of Contents

PowerTools This post is a set of links to all of the posts in the Visual Studio 2010 – New and little-known features series.
I’ve been teaching Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate for Developers classes on and off for about a year now. While showing some major new feature I might use a code snippet or the new IntelliSense features and someone in the class will ask me to swing back and show more of those little productivity boosters.  Because of this I decided to start documenting them out here.  I know that at the time of writing that the next version of Visual Studio is in Beta, but I think that there is still great value for those folks that are coming into VS 2010 or VS “11”.

Table of Contents

Part 1 – Column Selection in the Code Editor
Part 2 – Code Metrics
Part 3 – IntelliSense Improvements
Part 4 – Code Snippets
Part 5 – Better Unit Tests

Where to find TFS and Visual Studio 2010 Updates

This post is mostly for my own reference. I’m always needing to find the links to the current updates for VS and TFS 2010.

Brian Harry has written a blog post that describes the new release model that is being implemented.  The Visual Studio and TFS teams will be making cumulative update releases on a quarterly basis going forward.  Up until now, the release schedule has been more ad-hoc and a bit confusing.

To help everyone understand the updates that are available as-of March 2012, Brian has compiled a list with usage and download links.  The list can be found here.