How do I know if I have all of the Visual Studio 2010 Updates?

QuestionMarkWhenever I go to a customer site to perform a TFS installation or upgrade, one of the questions I invariably get from the IT team is “What has to be installed on everyone’s machines to use TFS?  I currently keep a list of handy-dandy blog posts and OneNote notes updated to answer just this question.

Other folks in the TFS space have also come across this question.  One of then, Terje Sandstrom (Visual Studio ALM MVP), has decided to do something about it.  He has written a tool that helps answer this question.  Best of all, it is a Visual Studio plugin.

You can read about this tool on his blog.

After reading his blog I followed the link to the Visual Studio Gallery to do the installation. Once installed, I fired up Visual Studio 2010 and used the new Help | Version Info menu item.


It brought up a dialog that shows the status of the Visual Studio installation on my development laptop.



Looks like I’m a bit behind the times.  Luckily Terje has added a link to the update I’m missing which is the Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Team Foundation Server 11 Compatibility GDR.

After a quick install, I re-ran the Version Info tool and voila, I’m up to date on Visual Studio 2010!


Thanks to Terje for creating this handy little add-in.

Question mark pic by Leo Reynolds.