Visual Studio 2010–New and little-know features–Table of Contents

PowerTools This post is a set of links to all of the posts in the Visual Studio 2010 – New and little-known features series.
I’ve been teaching Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate for Developers classes on and off for about a year now. While showing some major new feature I might use a code snippet or the new IntelliSense features and someone in the class will ask me to swing back and show more of those little productivity boosters.  Because of this I decided to start documenting them out here.  I know that at the time of writing that the next version of Visual Studio is in Beta, but I think that there is still great value for those folks that are coming into VS 2010 or VS “11”.

Table of Contents

Part 1 – Column Selection in the Code Editor
Part 2 – Code Metrics
Part 3 – IntelliSense Improvements
Part 4 – Code Snippets
Part 5 – Better Unit Tests