Somebody screwed up at Microsoft!


How’s that for an incendiary title? 

Unlike last July 1st, this year I found an email waiting in my Inbox that said I have received the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award in the area of Visual Studio ALM.  At that moment I realized that I had everyone involved in the process tricked into thinking that I deserved it. Ha!  My “Plan for World Domination” and “Plan for Free Beer” are coming together nicely.

To make everyone in the process feel better about their mistake, I’d like to say “Thanks” for overlooking that incident at last year’s MVP Summit.  I’m sure that the rental car folks got most of the feathers and beaks out of Brian Harry’s car.  Oh, and also thanks for not getting too upset about the goats.  I didn’t realize they’d get that upset when the fire alarm was triggered. 

Anyhow, I’d just like to give a sincere thanks to all the folks in the community that put up with my other bad jokes and snarky comments during my classes and sessions.  To my Microsoft and MVP friends, I’ll buy you a beer at the next Summit to get you sufficiently “snowed” into letting me stay on in 2011.  (I’m not above bribing folks with donuts too).

– Steve