TFS 2010 Warehouse Troubleshooting Guide


Just came across a tweet from @MSDN_Forum announcing the availability of a TFS Warehouse Troubleshooting Guide.

It looks like it is being moderated by Bryan MacFarlane from Microsoft.  He writes:

“This will be a living document and as we troubleshoot issues, we will add to the query and document. It will culminate in a consistency checker tool which automates the checking and ultimately other functions like kicking the warehouse etc… Feedback is welcome and I will update this data.”

This looks like it will be a helpful addition to my TFS toolbox.  It would be cool if other teams could do the same so that we have a running list of “known issues and workarounds” collected into very specific locations.  Even better would be a page on the VS Site on MSDN that had links to all of the Troubleshooting Guides.