TFS Power Tools 2010 RC – Process Template Editor – The FieldName is required error

I just came across this bug in the Process Template Editor (PTE) and wanted to document it for anyone else encountering it.  I have spoken to the folks at Microsoft and they have confirmed that it is a bug in this version.  They have put it into their TFS for resolution, hopefully for RTM.


The PTE throws a validation error (The FieldName is required)that stops you from moving to the invalid control.


Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a work item in the PTE and go to the Layout tab.
  2. Create a new Tab page.
  3. Add Group to the Tab Page.  Auto adds the Column.
  4. Add 4 controls to the Column (Right-click | Add Control)
  5. Edit first control.  Set the FieldName to any field.
  6. Edit second control.  Set the FieldName to any field.
  7. Click on the Group node you added in Step #3.
  8. Set the Group’s Label to any value.
  9. Click back on the third control (or anything else).
  10. Error dialog “The FieldName is required.” appears. 

Surprise!!  You are now blocked from making any changes to this workitem layout (except for the Group).


It looks like the PTE is validating the Group and all of its children when it loses focus.  This is triggering the modal validation error dialog that is complaining that the third and fourth controls are invalid.  It then sets focus back to the Group node.


From the friendly Microsoft folks…”You can just right click on one of the nodes in the tree, and that will bypass the validation”.  Then you can fix the offending control.