If Adam Cogan made a movie…

I was sitting with my family this weekend watching the movie Zombieland.  The film begins with a narrator discussing how a “… zombie apocalypse has been triggered when mad cow disease became mad human disease and then worse”.  During the course of the film the main character lists out his “rules for surviving Zombieland”.  My first thought was “Wow…Adam Cogan must have written this film”.

If you don’t know, Adam has rules for pretty much everything so this is a natural fit.  I should ask him to complete the list for us.  😉

Here’s some screen caps that show why.  The full, incomplete list can be found here.

Rule 1: Cardio

Rule 1-Cardio

Rule 2: Double Tap

Rule 2-Double Tap

Rule 4: Seatbelts

Rule 4-Seatbelts