An excellent post about Developer Professionalism

I don’t normally write blog entries that say “Go look at this post by someone else”, but I am today.

Scott Bellware has written an excellent piece entitled “QA Missed Something”. 

“When a team is closing in on a release it may still find a flaw so terrible that the release opportunity might be missed. After the initial panic settles down, we go looking for the explanation of why a such a significant problem can remain hidden until so late. Inevitably, QA missed something.

Let me tell you something: there’s nothing that QA has ever missed that developers didn’t miss first.”    – Scott Bellware

I recommend that every developer out there reads this and takes it to heart.  We have way too many “unprofessional developers” in the world.  It’s time to get back to developer responsibility for their own code’s correctness. 

We are a Software Development Team.  If the software fails, the Team fails…period.