TFS AdminTool v1.4 Under Development…and v2.0 in the works!

The TFS Admin Tool project on Codeplex has started back up.   TFSAdminCapture

The first order of business it to fix some glaring bugs and get a v1.4 out the door.  Michael Ruminer is the new “Primary Coordinator external to Microsoft” and is looking to get more activity from the wider TFS Community.  I’ve jumped on board as a development contributor and am working on fixing the “TFS Admin doesn’t work with SSRS 2008” bug (not as easy a task as I’d initially thought).

The key takeaway here is that we are looking for new blood on the TFS Admin Tool Team.

  • If you have some interest in this tool, or better yet, some expertise (we like both) please join up.
  • If you have ideas for features or fixes, please let us know on Codeplex.

Here’s the “startup notice” from the project site:

“3-05-08-Forthcoming Release
We will be creating a new release whose primary goal is to address
work item 18247– “Error with TFS 2008, SQLServer 2008 on Windows 2008” but the release will also include a few additional bug fixes/enhancements that are already in process or that can be fit in within the time box to fix 18247. This time box is as of yet undefined but the delivery target date will be defined within the next week When this release is complete we’ll start another iteration to address a larger set of defects and enhancements and will continue on until no one finds value in adding to the tool any longer.

There will be some additional wiki pages added to assist in planning and current discussions that have kicked off this effort will be moved to that location and to inside the forum for wider participation. Speaking of wider participation, I would like to invite anyone and everyone to contribute. Right now the best mechanism is grab the code, make the contribution you’d like and upload a patch. I want to get much wider contribution. There are a lot of users out there and a lot of scenarios and a lot of people with good stuff to contribute. So send it on. “      – Michael Ruminer