Notion Tools for Team System v1.0 Released


I’m proud to announce that Notion Solutions (my employer) has released v1.0 of the Notion Tools for Team System  suite. 

Notion Tools for Team System v1.0 was finally released on February 20th.  We’re actively documenting requirements for v1.1, your ideas are welcome!  You can download the software from our website and follow the instructions to get it up and running with a trial key.  In order to get it working, you do have to install the server software.  While the server components make it harder to “try it out”, it was needed to facilitate some of the capabilities we implemented.  We do offer a quick start consulting engagement to make the needed process changes and train your team up on the use of the tools.

Please review the tools and even order online.

  • Notion Timesheettime-tracking system that allows users to capture and record time against Team System Work Items directly from within Visual Studio.
  • Notion Work Organizer – extends Visual Studio to enhance Team System with a better means of managing work items and their associated documentation and artifacts. Manages parent/child work items.
  • Notion Work Planner – By taking an account of the expertise and productivity of each team member, teams can use estimates to develop more accurate iteration and release schedules.
  • Notion Work Item Controls – contains custom work item controls that help teams visualize and maintain hierarchical relationships between work items in a Team Project.

I’ve been using this product suite daily since 01-Dec-2008 as well as having written parts of it.  We have been “dogfooding” it for a while and have worked out a lot of the kinks.  I hope that you will find this a useful product of high quality and stability. 

As stated above, we are looking for your feedback on any or all of the tools.  We can only make it better for you if you tell us what you need.