New Hampshire Code Camp Update

We’re two weeks out from the NH Code Camp in Nashua.  I just checked the presentation list on site and there’s 23 sessions proposed with a good mix of topics.

I’ve proposed another session entitled “Introduction to MSBuild” that gives a “from the ground up” look at how to use MSBuild to automate your build process.

Here’s the abstract:

“The .NET Framework 2.0, 3.5 and even windows Vista now ship with an “Enterprise-grade” build automation system called MSBuild.  It is the foundation of the Visual Studio project and compilation systems and has been extended to provide the “Build in a Box” functionality within Team Foundation Server.

In this code-heavy session I’ll show the basics of MSBuild’s syntax, features and extensions.  Some significant improvements were shipped with the .Net 3.5 version so I’ll also hilight those differences.  Time-permitting we will dive into more advanced topics that will “round out” the MSBuild experience.  The session will start from “Hello World” and build from there so no experience with MSBuild is assumed or required.”

Hope to see you at Daniel Webster College.

Oh and in case you are on the fence, we will be giving away a Visual Studio Team Suite 2008 with MSDN among other goodies.  As of this moment, you have roughly a 1 in 140 chance of winning.  Those are some pretty good odds.