Upcoming Events

I’ve successfully (relative term) navigated my first Team System User Group – Virtual Edition presentation by giving the Overview to Extending the TFS Warehouse simultaneously on Second Life and LiveMeeting.  What an interesting way to hold a User Group meeting.  It’s kind of like “Geeks Sans Frontières (GSF)” or “Geeks Without Borders”.  Thanks to everyone that attended.calendar

I had a great time doing the Overview but found it difficult to not dive down into the guts of the subject so I’m going to flesh out the topic into a full presentation that I’ve committed to giving at the New Hampshire Code Camp on 28-Feb-2009 at Daniel Webster College in Nashua, NH.  After I navigate that presentation I’ll tweak it and get a slot in a future TSUG-VE meeting.

Since I am a neophyte to all things BI, I’m going to attend the New England Data Camp v1.0 on 24-Jan-2009to get some more insight into Data Warehouses and Cubes.  This is one area that is an art all unto itself and I am woefully ignorant.  I know a few people that are eyeballs-deep into this and they are “scary-smart” so I’m looking forward to being the dumbest guy in the room next Saturday.

Here’s the upcomings:

24-Jan-2009        New England Data Camp v1.0 – Microsoft Offices – Waltham, MA  (attending)
28-Feb-2009        New Hampshire Code Camp – Daniel Webster College – Nashua, NH (presenting)

For a complete rundown of Developer events in New England for January and February 2009, check out Chris Bowen’s roundup.


P.S.   It looks like “Geeks Without Borders” is an actual group that provides “computers and related equipment to schools, clinics, and nonprofits in developing countries.”  I have no affiliation with them, but it seems like a very noble cause.  Check them out if you get a chance.