Extending the TFS Warehouse Discussion on 15-Jan-2008

To anyone that is interested, I’ll be having an “Extending the TFS Warehouse” discussion during the Team System User Group – Virtual Edition (TSUG-VE) meeting next Thursday, 15-Jan-2009 at 5pm PST (UTC -8:00).  I have the “warm-up” spot and then we will have Trent Nix giving a presentation on “SCRUM with Team System”.

It will be a quick 15 minute discussion/slideware around how to create a warehouse adapter to get additional TFS data or your own custom data into the TFS Warehouse when the Warehouse Service runs.

This is a prelude to a full session on this topic.  If you have specific interest in this topic, I invite you to attend and let me know which areas are most important to you.  These comments will help drive the larger presentation.

The meeting is held Virtually (hence the -VE in the group name) on Second Life so it is open to everyone that has Internet access.

I’m looking forward to trying this out.  I’m also linking in some info about the user group from the group leads, (MVP) Dave McKinstry and (MVP) Paul Hacker.

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