New TFS “all-up” VPC and Hyper-V images now available

Just in time for “Geeksmas” Microsoft (via Brian Randell) have made a new set of Team Foundation Server VM images available but this time they’ve gone one better!  They have produced the images in both Virtual Server 2005 R2 format and Hyper-V.  That means I get to spend more time playing and less time converting the image. 

They’ve also solved the “expires on 31-Dec-2008” problem with the current VPC.  The new ones expire on 31-Dec-2009. 

Way to go Brian!

Here’s the announcement from Brian’s blog:

“As many know, one of the things I do is build and maintain virtual machine images for Microsoft. With the end of the year coming, two particular virtual machines, that are very dear to me, are about to expire. Something had to be done.

I’m happy to report that the VSTS virtual machines are all updated with fresh bits and expiration dates. You now can test and evaluate (since these images are NOT licensed for production use) Team System 2008 with SP1.

First off, the new expiration date is December 31, 2009.

Second, we didn’t produce two images this time. We produced FOUR!

That’s right, we’ve produced the same pair as before. A VSTS “all-up” image with Team Foundation Server, Team Build, Team Explorer, and Team Suite. And a TFS “only” image with just Team Foundation Server, Team Build, and Team Explorer.

What’s different is that we’ve produced both Virtual PC 2007/Virtual Server 2005 R2 compatible images AND Hyper-V compatible images. Download the ones that make you happy!”                               – Brian Randell

I recommend running over to read Brian’s post to get the complete low-down on the contents of the images.  Here are the links:

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!