Hyper-V…Not Coming to A Vista machine near YOU!!


NOTE:  Microsoft has clarified their announcement.  While SP2 will ship for Vista and Windows Server 2008 as a single update the Hyper-V components WILL NOT install on Vista.

Here is some clarification from a ComputerWorld article:

“Later, Allee clarified a mix-up regarding Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization technology, which is included in the service pack but not installed on Vista machines. “To clarify, Hyper-V is not included in Windows Vista SP2,” Allee said. “It is part of the Windows Server 2008 service pack.”

The confusion arose because this is the first time that Microsoft has packaged a single service pack that updates both the client and server editions of Windows.”     – ComputerWorld

Yesterday afternoon Microsoft announced Service Pack 2 Beta or Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.  While that may seem all nice and boring there are a few great tidbits that got slipped in (see Notable Changes post).

Service Pack 2 is for both Vista and Win 2k8.  That means you can deploy a single Service Pack to all of your Vista and Win2k8 machines.  If you have a fully Vista/2k8 environment then you only need this one SP.  Even though most of us work in mixed Vista/XP/Win2k3/Win2k8 environments I really like the way Microsoft moving.  Simplification of patching will make the IT Pros out there very happy and can’t hurt us geeks running multiple home computers and VMs. 🙂

Second off (and more important to me) is that they have brought Hyper-V to Vista!  Now I really have to rethink what I have running on my laptop.  I currently run Windows Server 2008 x64 on my Dell D630.  I have done this for 2 main reasons, first I wanted access to all 4GB of RAM so that’s the x64 part.  Second, I wanted the VMs that I use constantly for client environments and TFS development to run under Hyper-V to eek out all the performance I could.  Since Hyper-V only shipped with Windows Server 2008 it was a no-brainer.  Unfortunately, I had to go through a lot of configuration to get the Win2k8 OS to work nicely as a workstation (and I’m still having a hard time running Flash).

If I migrate my laptop back to Vista Business x64 with SP2 I think I can get the same functionality with better compatibility.  I’ll probably have to do some tweaking to a Vista install to get better performance out of it though, so there are trade-offs.

I think my boss would say that it’s good because now he can have Hyper-V on a machine that can Sleep (Win2k8 doesn’t have Sleep).

So all-in-all a good morning for news from this geek’s perspective.  I’m off to download SP2 Beta and patch my home machine and check out Hyper-V in Vista.