New Team System Events Blog

Omar Villarreal (VSTS MVP, Notion Consultant and all around swell guy) has created a new blog on that allows User Groups and Presenters to advertise their presentations in a single place.  Think of it as “one-stop-shopping” for all of your VSTS brain candy needs.

“The Team System community has been growing over time and information about the different events and presentations is being published everywhere.

This blog has been created for Team System user group leaders, influencers, speakers and event organizers worldwide to advertise their upcoming Team System related events through this blog and for those of you attending these events to find out about them. Categories will be created as needed to help everyone filter and find the events they are interested in.”      – OmarV

The URL of the site is:

It’s a great idea to help improve the signal-to-noise ratio you get from the search engines when looking for information.

– Steve