Announcing Visual Studio Team System 2010

Microsoft has ‘officially’ named the Visual Studio Team System Code-name ‘Rosario’ suite of tools to “Visual Studio Team System 2010” in an announcement on 29-Sep-2008.  They have also posted information on MSDN and Channel 9.

Here are 2 of the items that are important to me and my clients of the many announced:

  • The VSTS Developer and Database Editions are being combined into a single product so you no longer have to buy Team Suite for all of your coders that also write stored procs and mantain databases.  The separation of these 2 tools has been one of the barriers to bringing the database into Version Control with some of my clients.  As Brian Harry puts it:

Another key announcement is that we will be combining the Team Development product and the Team Database product into a single Team Development product (essentially giving you 2 for the price of 1).  That change will be in effect go into effect on 10/1/08 (the day after tomorrow).”  – Brian Harry

  • VSTS 2010 allows the developer to see the state of the test system when the test failed.  This was internally called “TiVo for Debuggers” which pretty much gives a nice, clear picture of what it does.  Removing “Can’t Reproduce” from a team’s vocabulary is a big win in itself.

In Brian Harry’s blog post he also stated that there would be another CTP this fall.  Yippee!

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