Thanks for reading!

I was reviewing the Rosario CTP under Hyper-V post to make sure the graphics fit in the layout. They don’t always, oh well.  But that’s not the reason I’m posting this.  I was looking at the ClusterMap thumbnail on the right-side of the page and noticed that it looks like a great big red smear.  I drilled down into it and noticed that Clustermaps is planning to archive the data and reset the map so I’m grabbing a copy for “posterity”.

What’s really cool is that I’ve had almost 30,000 visits since 22-Jul-2007. 

Another interesting thing is where the visitors are coming from.  I really find it interesting that I have visitors from the middle of the oceans and the “edges” of the globe.  I can place some of them, like Hawaii, Bermuda, a bunch of the Carribean islands, Iceland, the Canary Islands.  West of the coast of Spain there’s one that I couldn’t figure out.  Google Maps didn’t have a label on it but luckily Live Maps did.  It’s the Azores.

Anyway, this data is really interesting and a bit humbling.  I didn’t really think that what I had to say was that interesting. 

So Thank You All for reading and commenting over the past year. 

I’m planning on some more substantive postings this year so please keep coming back, or better yet, grab the RSS/Atom feed and you’ll know when a new post is up.

One last thing, to the person that lives near the little red dot in the upper right corner of the map (circled) please drop me a comment.  I’m dying to know where you live!

– Steve