Woo Hoo! Hyper-V has RTM’d! Here’s the link…


Ok, now that I have your attention down to business.  Microsoft has shipped the x32 and x64  versions of Hyper-V for Windows Server 2008.  The official download page is:


Now why am I so jazzed??  Well, I’ve recently repaved my Notion laptop with Windows Server 2008 x64.  I originally had the standard Vista Business x64 installed and I wanted to run Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team System in a virtualized Windows Server 2008 (Win2k8) environment to get the feel for its nuances.  But then I thought, “It would be silly to install Win2k8 under Virtual Server 2005” as Win2k8 has some seriously cool virtualization technology built in.  Then I talked with my colleague Mike Azocar who has been playing with Win2k8 and Hyper-V for a while.  He convinced me that I should go with Win2k8 as my base OS on the laptop and run all my VMs under Hyper-V. 

So I wiped and reloaded my laptop, turned on Hyper-V (RC1), searched for and found a number of ways to convert a Win2k8 Server OS into a decent Workstation OS and downloaded the TFS and VSTS 2008 VPC image.  I also downloaded the Visual Studio® Team System Code Name “Rosario” April 2008 CTP VM to start playing with the new goodness.  Setting these up under Hyper-V has been “mostly” painless.  I still have some networking issues but I’m hoping that the Hyper-V RTM will resolve these.  There was also an issue with the Rosario CTP 12 VM wanting to be Activated because of “significant changes to hardware”.  I’m planning on creating a post that walks you through setting up CTP 12 under Hyper-V.

Bur for now, I’m back to resolving my networking issues.  Have fun with Hyper-V!