“Code Camp 9: I Came, I Saw, I Coded” dates announced

Chris Bowen (Microsoft Developer Evangelist for the Northeast) has announce that the dates and location for Code Camp 9 have been finalized. 

“Can you believe we’re on Code Camp Nine?! Code Camps began in New England in 2004, and here we are, with Code Camps now happening all around the world!  A great testament to the motivation and strength of our global .NET developer community.

I’m happy to say we’re officially a lock for April 5th and 6th for Code Camp 9 at the Microsoft offices in Waltham, MA.”            – Chris Bowen

While a pithy tagline has yet to be applied to this event, Chris and his cadre of colleagues are hard at work brainstorming.  It will be interesting to see what comes out of the process. 😉

As a prior attendee, I highly encourage you to attend if you have the time.  It is a day of Code, the whole Code and nothing but the Code.  No marketing-schlock here!

Also if you are looking to get into technical speaking, watch this space (or Chris’ Blog) for the Call for Speakers.  Code Camps are a great way to get into speaking in front of a friendly audience with little pressure.  (Since the event is free, the audience really can’t complain if you stink).  Chris will be opening up the speaker selection process in the near future.  I believe that he uses a “pulse-based” method for selecting speakers.  If you have a pulse, you’re in!  (Sorry about letting out your secret Chris).


Update:  29-Jan – added pithy tagline