Great dialogs from Visual Studio

I was working with a client on creating unit tests for their web services.  I wanted to run the test to see how it worked.  I hit F5 by mistake, starting the app for debugging.  I then triggered the web service test to start.  Once I realized that I had started the app, I stopped the debugging session.  It seems that this caused an unusual thing to occur, it place the Cassini web server into a “zombie state” where the only recourse it to “terminate them.” 

In every zombie movie I’ve ever seen, you can only terminate them by blowing them up or lighting them on fire and such.  I was hesitant to click the “Yes” (defaulted) button for fear of destroying the clients machine. 😉

Anyway, I got over my fears, clicked Yes and all is now well.  But isn’t that a great dialog?

– Steve