TF.exe tidbit

I was doing some more catch-up reading and came across another interesting tidbit of information in an MSDN Build Automation forum post.

The author of the post was building a workspace by hand using an task that called into TF.exe.  The build log contained the full command-line that the Exec task executed.  When he ran that command line in a Command Prompt, a dialog box appeared but during the Team Build, no dialog box shows up.  Confused, he asked where the /noprompt parameter was being added and why it wasn’t visible in the command line in the build log. 

The answer, it seems, is that the dev team that built TF.exe made it really smart.  It checks to see if  it is running in an interactive (command prompt) or non-interactive( team build, etc.) session.  If it is running non-interactive it automatically sets the noprompt option for you.

Very nice!