Dev Resources: Plaster your cube with posters

I recently came across a blog post by Willy-Peter Schaub (Team System MVP) announcing new posters about “Team System BPA” and “Orcas Top Seven Wonders“.   While looking over the posters I realized that Willy-Peter and colleagues have created a number of useful and informative posters at their DRP (developer readiness program) site on topics from TFS to Sharepoint Workflow to PowerShell.  With 96 posters available, I’m sure you will find one or more that are useful to you right away.  I noted a few that would be helpful in explaining TFS processes to team members and non-technical users alike.

Site access is free, but you will have to register to download the high-resolution files (PDF, JPG).  If you have a plotter available, you can print these babies up super-sized and plaster them all over the walls!

Posters link:

– Steve