TFS Stress Test: Windows team at Microsoft is now using Team Foundation Server

I was just catching up on my blogs (again…it seems like I’m always catching up) and came across a post from Brian Keller, a Technical Evangelist for Team System.  He was announcing that the Windows Team will start using TFS, slowly at first starting with work item tracking. 

“As an evangelist for Visual Studio Team System one of the most common questions I get from customers evaluating our tools is, “Does Microsoft use Visual Studio Team System?” Until recently, my answer was always along the lines of “Well, a LOT of teams at Microsoft are using it with great success. … But as with any technology migration, it will take a while for huge teams working on huge software projects like Office and Windows to begin to adopt Team Foundation Server.”

But today I learned that the Windows division has started to adopt Team Foundation  Server! Some of the feature teams in the Windows division have begun to make use of work items for tracking features and tasks. This is just the first step along the way towards a wholesale  migration of Team Foundation Server by the Windows team. Additionally, I’m not sure if anybody else has blogged this yet, but the Office team has also been using Team Foundation Server for work item tracking as well and is on their way towards adopting more and more functionality along the way.

A big part of the reason these teams are betting on Team Foundation Server is because of the way it has helped other teams at Microsoft gain transparency into the health and velocity of their software projects.

… “     – Brian Keller, Microsoft


The best part of this announcement is that eventually we will have a cases of HUGE software projects/teams effectively utilizing TFS to manage their application lifecycle.  The stress placed on the system will undoubtedly allow the TFS team to find their stress points and mitigate them as well as showing where the process templates shine and, well, fail. 

In my opinion, this announcement will go a long way to getting larger development shops to adopt TFS as their ALM platform.

If you want to learn more about TFS,the overall value-up approach to software engineering and get an idea of what TFS has to offer for your shop, Brian and I both recommend “Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System” by Sam Guckenheimer and Juan Perez


– Steve