Code Monkey

I’ve been keeping up with Korby Parnell’s blog recently.  I’m trying to keep abreast of this whole “Social Software” thing.  I think it might take off like that whole “Internet” thing did a few years ago and I want to be “hip” with it (unlike last time). 

His current offering is short and concise and, well, a bit addictive.  Here’s the whole post (minus the video):

“Are you a code monkey?
Do you
dress like a code monkey?
Do you dance like a code monkey?”

– Korby Parnell

So I looked at the embedded video and checked out the Wikipedia link, by the way I have to say that Wikipedia if freakin’ awesome!  I have been called a fountain of useless knoweldge, but this just puts me to shame!!  I know have a resource for EVERYTHING esoteric….oh the humanity!  Um, getting back to the story… So I found the “Code Monkey” song and some other links.

What a fantastic and funny tune.  It’s a real toe-tapper and had me in tears, both for the comic humor, the irony and remembering my own personal “Robs”.  As such I hereby declare that I will waste some of my precious time pulling together all of the “Code Monkey” stuff and posting it onthis blog entry.  You can just file this one under “Fun”.

– Steve

 P.S.  After spending a couple of hours tracking down “Code Monkey” stuff, I hereby declare that many many people have wayyyy too much time on their hands…enjoy!



All the Code Monkey stuff that’s fit to link

The original Code Monkey song:

The Code Monkey Remix Contest winners:

Code Monkey entry on Wikipedia:

Jonathan Coulton Code Monkey T-Shirts:

More Code Monkey T-Shirts:

Code Monkey Song on DIGG: Domain name is still For Sale:

“Everything int he known Universe tagged ‘Code Monkey'” – Technorati:

World of Warcraft – Code Monkey Video:


 Jonathan Coulton performing Code Monkey in LA


 Code Monkey dance video


 Code Monkey ukelele remix – Live


 And another Code Monkey video


 Speed Monkey (Son of Code Monkey) Remix Video


 Naruto the Code Monkey (audio recorded live on SecondLife)


Matrix Code Monkey


 The SIMS Code Monkey Video


 Derek the Bandit vs. Jonathan Coulton Code Monkey Remix