Intro to MSBuild Presentation Download

Here is the presentation that I gave at Code Camp 7: Deer in the Headlights entitled “Can We Build It? Yes We Can! An Introduction to MSBuild”. The zip file comes in at a whopping 19.6mb because of all the Camtasia video that I used. I also packaged in the Powerpoint viewer for anyone that doesn’t have Powerpoint on their machine.

Viewing notes:

When you get to a demo slide, just move the mouse around until you see the cursor change to a hand and then click. The video will start. Click again to pause it. When the video completes, use the right arrow key to go to the next slide.


If you download this, please let me know what you think of it. I’m still working on refining the content. Leave a comment with the good, the bad and the good…(especially the good, I need the ego boost).

Second Request:

If you attended my session and feel like leaving a comment on how it went I’d also appreciate any and all feedback. That was my first time in front of an audience of non-coworkers and I was a bit edgy. I’d like to know what you though of it.

UPDATE: The original presentation download was lost in a fiery database crash at I’ve updated the link below to an updated “Intro to MSBuild” presentation.

Presentation Download

Thanks for putting up with me for an hour and a half!

– Steve