Code Camp 7 – 5 days to go

Chris Bowen just posted an update on Code Camp 7.  There are over 40 sessions being presented over 2 days with 350+ signed up to attend.  This looks like it’s going to be a great weekend (if I can stop my stomach from doing cartwheels).  The schedule of presentations isn’t out yet, but Chris thinks that it will be available tomorrow.  He’s also got a bunch of free stuff to give away, so if you’re like me, that’s reason enough to attend.

I’ve been working on my MSBuild presentation.  Man! I didn’t realize how much work goes into one of these things.  I was just thinking that if it takes this much effort to create a conference session, how much does it take to write a book.  I have new found respect for the spouses of authors…they must be saints!

I was talking with Mike Ruminer about how best to keep my presentation flowing and he recommended using Camtasia to record the code writing and running sections of the talk.  I’ve been doing that and it really seems like it will make the presentation smoother as well as not allowing me to forget to do anything.  Best of all for the audience, you don’t have to sit through my fat-fingering of the code (mostly) during the talk.  Win-win!

My final comment:  If you have the opportunity to attend, sign up using the link below.  I’m anticipating some great sessions.


Code Camp 7
Presentation List