Code Camp 7: Deer in the Headlights Presentation on MSBuild

Well, I’ve gone and done it!  I submitted a proposal to present a session on MSBuild at the forthcoming Code Camp 7 at Microsoft in Waltham, MA on March 31st and April 1st 2007.  This is my first foray into public speaking, so I’m just a wee-bit nervous (read: terrified).  Hopefully my session proposal will be accepted.  Either way, I’ll be in attendance as there looks to be some really good sessions being proposed.

Can we build it?  Yes We Can!:  An Introduction to MSBuild

MSBuild is Microsoft’s new build and automation tool.  It is included in the .NET Framework 2.0, Visual Studio 2005 and Vista and is the underlying technology of all .Net 2.0 project files, regardless of language.  In this session you will be introduced to the XML-based language that MSBuild employs and see how easy it is to customize your own build process.  It covers the basics of MSBuild project files, how to extend MSBuild with custom tasks, “best practices” for working with MSBuild scripts and maybe a bit on how Team Foundation Server’s Team Build works. This code-heavy presentation will show the development of basic to intermediate MSBuild scripts. 

I’ll post again, if it gets accepted, with the date and time of the session.

– Steve