Martin Woodward on TFS Workspaces

Martin Woodward has just started a series of articles covering the basics of TFS Workspaces.  His first article is Workspace 101: An Introduction to TFS Workspaces

” One of the concepts that people need to understand when they begin to work with Team Foundation Server Version Control is that of the Team Foundation Server (TFS) Workspace. So I thought I would write a series of blog-posts covering the basics of TFS workspaces, with this post being the first. This information may be a little basic to many of the people who read my blog (especially this first post) and it is just a write up of how I think about workspaces and how I explain the concept to others. ”   – Martin Woodward

This article is an excellent start to describing an extremely important and often misunderstood piece of TFS Version Control.  I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

– Steve