How To: Read MS Project files to create Task Work Items in TFS

I just came across this post in the MSDN forums where the author wanted to read a Microsoft Project file via API to create tasks in TFS.  IT was resolved by pulling the MS Project Primary Interop Assemblies from Microsoft Downloads and then using the API exposed.  It looks like something I may want to play with in the future, so I’m leaving this link here as a reminder to myself.

I have a .MPP file created using MS Project 2003. Now, I need to read the tasks in it (through my code) and create work items corrsponding to each task (again through my code).
 i.e. I want to do the same functionality that the ‘Publish’ button on Team toolbar in MS Project 2003 does.
Is there any object model/SDK/APIs to read the contents of .MPP file?