Five Things?!?!? – or – Tagged by the Meme Monster (a.k.a. Mike Ruminer)

I was reading MiniMicrosoft’s blog this afternoon and noted that he had been FiveThings-tagged by Mary Jo Foley.  I was amused to read that he declined to take the bait at this juncture.  He also linked to a really funny Five Things post that is really in line with how I generally feel about these kinds of things.

For those of you that are unaware of this whole “Meme” (rhymes with theme) thing, here’s the link to the Wikipedia article.  Pariah S. Burke, maintainer of the MemeList,  states;

“In Blogspeak, a meme is an idea that is shared and passed from blog to blog, like a question posted in one blog and answered in many other blogs.” 

I, like you was fully unaware of this until a few days ago when, it seems, everyone with a blog started getting pummeled with “tags” to post “Five Things You Don’t Know About Me.”  Now it seems everyone is jumping on the Bandwagon.   So I was blogging along, minding my own business reading Mike Ruminer’s current blog posting when WHAM, he TAGs me full on without even a warning!!!

Now anyone that know me well will tell you that I am a sucker for “peer pressure”, I have no actual spine of my own and simply turn with the tides.

So with that said, here’s my list…

1.  I was a full-time, Professional Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician for 10 years.

2.  I do not have a college degree, not a one, not from any college or university or even one of those Internet sites that you just send some cash and they give you a Doctorate.

3.  My favorite Dr. Seuss book is “Green Eggs and Ham” although “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” runs a close second.

4.  My favorite Rock band is RUSH.  One of the reasons is that they are the only musicians to ever use the word “parralax” in a rap (Roll the Bones 1992).

5.  I find toilet humor really, really funny.  You have to admit that there’s nothing better than a good fart joke.


I’m only going to tag David Boss, because I was tagged so late in the process that everyone else has already done this and he really needs to post something since his last post was December 19th.   TAG…you’re it!


P.S.  As an aside, I was trying to include as many links to other pages as possible in this post to see if random, needless linking improves EgoSurf score.  I’m just under 4000 ego points as of this posting but I’m planning on making a surge in the near future.  🙂