TFS Moves a Little Closer to Being a Good Continuous Integration Platform

I was just catching up on my blog reading when I came across a post from Buck Hodges that shows how to remove one of the biggest pain-points in using Team Build for a Continuous integration process, listing tests to run.

The need to specify the tests that will be run in the CI build by adding them to a test list in the .vsmdi file was a real pain. To make matters worse, you had to either use VSTS for Testers or VSTS Team Suite to edit them, thus incurring extra licensing fees. What should have been done is that if no test list is given in the TFSBuild.proj file, all of the tests in the entire build should have been discovered through reflection and run. This behavior is similar to the way NUnit does it.

Buck’s article describes a new tool that he and his team (Team Build) have written that eliminate the need for the metadata files and test lists (.vsmdi). This is a great addition to the CI arsenal under TFS. This functionality will be moved into a Team Foundation Power Tool and Team Build will be updated to support it in a future release.

All I have to say is “Thank’s Guys” and it looks like I now owe Buck at least 3 beers. Keep up the good work!

Buck Hodges: How to Run Tests Without Metadata Files and Test Lists (.vsmdi files)