TFS Cool Tool of the Day

I’m still catching up on my blog reading.  Brian Harry has just written about a new add-in from Attrice, the makers of the wonderful “Team Foundation Sidekicks” tools.  The new add-in gives some much needed functionality to the VS IDE. 

They’ve added “Find items” which behaves like VSS did when you needed to do a search through a source code tree for a specific file name. 

The other tool in this delivery is “Dynamic History”.  This godsend-of-a-tool basically does one simple thing that Microsoft forgot.  It updates the history window whenever you click on a file in the Source Control Explorer.  This “tracking” saves you from having to right-click on the new item and then selecting “View History” over and over and over again.

Kudos to all the guys over at Attrice for delivering a productivity booster and sanity-saver all in one!

Attrice: Team Foundation Sidekick add-in