TFS Resource List from the CodePlex Team

I was fortunate to have had a conversation with George Bullock, Program Manager of CodePlex while standing in line waiting for a latte (that’s Seattle-an for coffee).  We got to discussing my use of the CodePlex site while working on the Vertigo project and TFS in general.  He was kind enough to send over a list of resources compiled by Pete Coupland, Test Lead for CodePlex.  I’d like to thank both George and Pete for this information.  Here a bit of clipboard-inheritance (aka copy-paste) of George’s email back to me:

“Steve, here’s an incredible list put together by Pete Coupland, test lead for CodePlex; thanks Pete!

Team System Educational Videos (Walkthroughs):

Team Foundation Server Help Documentation on MSDN:

Team System Learning site:

Team System Forums:

Visual Studio Team System Webcasts:

Team System Featured Group on GotDotNet’s CodeGallery:*

Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider:


List of all Team System Bloggers:

Star Bloggers

Rob Caron’s Blog – “A Team System Nexus”:

Buck Hodges:

Visual Studio Team System User Education Blog: