Off to the Patterns & Practices Summit in Redmond

I’m heading out this weekend to the Seattle area to attend the Patterns & Practices Summit at the Microsoft Conference Center.  The Patterns & Practices Summit site describes it like so:

“The international patterns & practices Summit showcases the official Microsoft “patterns and practices” for developers, designers, and solutions architects who need to learn how to integrate architectural design patterns and procedures with the technology provided by Microsoft’s .NET platform.

The patterns & practices Summit packs into four full days unique presentations offered by many of the industry’s best speakers. An evening reception sponsored by Infragistics will give attendees an opportunity to meet with Microsoft personnel. Attendees will come away with a strong foundation in the architectural principles underlying Microsoft’s .NET technology, which will prepare them to construct the next generation of enterprise-scale applications.”

This is my first time attending this conference and I’m extremely excited.  I’ve spoken with prior attendees that have raved about the depth and breadth of the content.  If you are an architect or are working to become one, you should be attending.  If you are attending, hunt me down.  If I have told you in the past that I owe you a beer, this is the perfect time to collect the debt.

– Steve