A Microsoft VB 2005 fix that you can’t live without!


I know that I promised a document that could be used in training developers shifting from VSS to TFS VC, and I’m working on it, but I just found out about a Microsoft patch that everyone needs to hear about.

The symptoms are these:  You have a solution in VB that has a large number of projects.  You have just done a clean “Get” from your favorite source control repository and may be missing some dependent assemblies.  In my case, we don’t use project references, but rather favor file references for our dependencies.  Well, when we sync our code to an empty directory structure, none of the binaries that we are referencing exist.  This means that Visual Studio is inundated with errors whining about missing base classes and my favorite, “Class X must support method Y of interface Z.” So you fire off a local build and it goes merrily along until it finishes with errors because you forgot to get the  strong-name key.  DOH!  So you get the strong-name key and note with awe that you have around 1,000 errors in the Error List.  You also note that your IDE has been taken to it’s digital knees by the overabundance of bugs crawling through it.  At this point your IDE as become the equivalent of that pet rock your had to have when you were a kid (yes, I know, dating myself).  So that’s the part that sucks.  Here’s the part that’s cool.  Microsoft fixed this damn problem and has put out a patch.

Here’s the link to the KB article.  I’ve installed it and followed the directions and now when I get a crap load of bugs in my Error List, I can still get some work done.  I am now more productive and less grumpy.  If you have this problem, you can’t do without this patch.