I’m Famous!!!

Just wanted to do a little ego stroking ( and I mean that in the most Christian sense). 

It looks like Buck Hodges was looking up “troublemaker” in MSN Search and found my blog.  He has posted some commentary and links to a few of the “classics” and agrees that overriding CoreCompile is a bad idea.  So thank’s to Buck for the additional exposure and to all 7 of my readers, I’ll be posting more soon (I really mean it this time). 

I’m working on a syllabus/article that I’m using to train our in-house developers moving from VSS to TFS.  It will cover the similarities and differences between the two systems in concepts and actions.  The outline was used to give a 2–hour class to small group of our in-house staff and will be offered to the rest of the developers as they migrate into TFS VC.  I believe that it will be helpful to others making the same journey…stay tuned.

Here’s the link to Buck’s blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/buckh/archive/2006/08/10/core_compile.aspx

– Steve